Zip-Line is a charming children's book written for young boys and girls that had open heart surgery and are left with a "zip-line" - a large scar on their chest. Written and illustrated by the father of a baby girl who had open heart surgery at 6 months of age, this heart warming rhyme book whimsically explains the answer to the question "How did that line get there?".

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If you peek at my middle, in the center of my chest
you'll notice something different, it's not like all the rest.
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Some will wonder silently while others may just stare,
but what you must want to know, "How did that line get there?"
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I wasn't struck by lightning or in a fencing duel
and I didn't get a scratch showing a lion who is cool.
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I got my zip-line when I was young and the doctors fixed my heart
the scar that was left there is my personal work of art.
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The zip-line is my trophy for being strong and brave
my surgery lasted hours and my recovery took days.

Beautifully illustrated, "Zip-Line" sets a model for children to be comfortable with themselves, their scar, and the surgery that they were too young to remember.

"So ask me and I'll tell you my story and my name,
and though we might look different there we're otherwise the same."
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Feedback from Parents

"Wonderful little book! My son just had open heart surgery this summer and this book was instrumental in helping him understand what to expect once he was healed. He is now proud of his incision scar and likes to show it off."S. Shiflett

"Katie is so excited about her new Zip-Line book. I couldn't hardly read it because she, proudly, kept yelling "she has one, just like me". Thank you for making such a wonderful book that will help our children understand and be proud!"Amy R

"My family received this awesome book today at our daughter's cardiologist appointment. When reading it to my daughter I almost cried. It is so simple yet explains the situation perfectly. My five year old walked away from the story actually understanding why she has a scare on her chest and was smiling. I highly recommend this book to all heart families."Rachael K

"This book does a great job of talking about heart surgery and the "zip line" that stays with them in a kid friendly, easy to read and easy to understand rhyming book."T Oko

"Our five year old daughter had heart surgery two months ago. To help prepare her, we got this book. We found it a helpful tool as she learned that she would have permanent scar. It helped us to explain that while it was going to be visually significant when her chest was exposed, it would not change who she is. She appreciated the bunny rabbit who is friends with the girl and helps her to talk about it in the narrative. The illustrations that depicted the surgery were age-appropriate (there's a curtain with some medical equipment next to it). Even since the surgery this book has been a helpful tool to help her talk about what happened and how she feels."Michael C

"Love love love this book. Absoultely precious, so good for my children-adults in the family have also liked it a lot."Mandy S

"This book was wonderful. My son loved it and he is 11 years old. It is a great book for kids who have had any type of surgery that has left a scar. Just beautiful. "Tiffany

"My son had 2 rounds of open heart surgery in the space of 2 days last October in Leeds, England at the age of 5 months, he is now 13 months and is doing really well but we always wondered how would we explain how his scar got there. Then I found this amazing book which is so wonderfully written and would also be good to read to other kids who notice what is different about my son, particularly when he reaches school age. It should be in every paediatric cardiac ward in the country. Many thanks "Marc B

"We just wanted to tell you how much we like your book. Santa brought it to Aubrey for Christmas, and she and our 3 year old ask to hear it daily. Thank you so much for writing it!"Hope for Aubrey

"We received our copy today.... I have to say thanks so much for writing this book!! My 4yr old is living with HLHS and has been struggling with his line and other scars since his most recent surgery (Oct 2012) and also is still struggling with the emotional aspect of everything. We sat down and read this as soon as we got it and it made him so happy! This book is too awesome! Thank you so much :)"Candice M

"As a mum to Ella (3) who has her own zip line I thought this book was brilliant. It not only helps her to understand that she is special and to be proud of her line but is great to help other kids understand. I had a tear in my eye reading this for the first time as most mums will, but the book is so positive you can't help but smile. Recommended to anyone who's been through something similar and great for friends and family too. "shellym

"I recently read about your book on another heart mom's blog and immediately fell in love with the little girl with the blonde pigtails. It is such a simple book - but so incredibly perfect.Kristen R

"Thank you for writing such a precious book about the scar! My daughter has had several open-heart surgeries the last being at Children's Hospital Boston just like your Ella. We live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My daughter has several scars on her precious chest, her zipline is pretty wide because she was so sick. People do stare and rarely do they ask questions! My daughter is very okay with it because she knows without those battle wounds she wouldn't be here. Thank you again for a cute informative and encouraging book.Lynn L

"Riley just read your book and smiled the whole time! She said, it's just like my line! Her "lines" are from 2 pacemaker surgeries, but she could relate to the whole book! "Riley's Heart Machine

"Thank you SO much for publishing a children's book on such an important subject! Our 14-month-old son, Gavin, is a heart warrior and has undergone 2 open heart surgeries and has a pacemaker. Looking into his future, I have struggled with how I will explain to him that what makes him different also makes him so special. Your book will most definitely be part of that conversation! I'm placing my order today for sure and sharing your book on our non-profit organization's Facebook page! Thank you may not realize how many lives you are touching, so we want you know that you've touched ours!" Gavin's Got Heart

"We just got this book for our 2 year old and we love it! Thank you so much for writing such an amazing book for our heart warriors. Jacob was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. He has had 2 open heart surgeries and will have his third this summer. He had me read him this book 5 times tonight. Thank you!" Kathy B

"My daughter is only fifteen months old but she is already noticing that she is different--she keeps trying to find her scars on other people. She got Zipline for Christmas and it is a lovely little book that will help her understand on her level. She doesn't quite get it yet but I am hoping regular readings of this little gem will make her story "normal" to her as she grows. It's one thing to have your parents tell you but seeing it in a book takes it to a new level ;) this book is helping my older boys as well."Rachel

"Thank you so much! This book is amazing! My son started to put things together by reading this book! Hes going in for his second open heart tomorrow morning and this book is going to be with us the whole way! Thank you for giving our little warriors something to make them feel that they aren't different!!Marwa F

"My son had heart surgery this past summer (at 4 years old) and he has issues surrounding his scar, especially in the first few months after surgery when it was very noticeable and painful. He loves this little book. The pictures and text are very sweet and gentle. He can relate to it at his age level."Julie

"As a mom to twins, one of which who has a congenital heart defect and her own "zip-line" this is must read! It has helped our daughter to better understand her scar and it has helped our son to understand what his twin has gone through. Thank you so much for offering a toddler/preschool appropriate book for our heart warriors!"TN

"Hi, I would just like to thank you for the perfect way to explain to my daughter when she is older about her 'zip line'. Its a lovely poem and very heart felt it made me and her dad cry when we read it. [C] is now 3yrs old and has tetrology of fallot and has had two operations she is now doing really well you would never even guess. Thanx again."Lucy B

"..received her book yesterday and we sat down at read it, she LOVED it and so did I, she even wants to take it to school so her teacher can read it to the class !."Jody G

"..we sat down with [O] to read the book to her, as we will every day from now on. By the end of the read, [O] had started to point to her chest and then point to the girl in the book while smiling. Thank you so much for writing this book- you have given beautiful words to describe something not always so beautiful."Marc A

"Thanks for writing a book to help kids understand what remarkable badges of honor zipper scars are."Brandi G

"Finally!! Our son is almost 3 and I have been looking for a book like this that can be used to tell him and others know how and why he has his scar or 'zipline.' This is a must have for any child who has battled with a heart condition."HLHSMomof2

"..I looked up your book and ordered a copy for my son and he loved it!"Amy M